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Read Me First: By purchasing a Batch Buster Valve unit a la carte, instead of buying the manifold, you are responsible for your own fittings, plumbing and performance. We’ve have no way to teleport to you to see what you are DIY’ing in your yard as far as plumbing goes. Therefore do not call/email/text us asking “how to build” the manifold, or how to optimize it, or with any issues you are having, for we sell complete built Batch Buster manifolds for a reason; because they are built properly and we’ve built and tested thousands of them for equipment clients.

Throughout the past few months, we have become privy to some of the most horrendous soft wash plumbing jobs known to man. Guys are using the wrong size hose, wrong fittings, some are even using 1 inch hose, on 3/4 inch barbs if you can imagine. It’s actually disgraceful and impressive at the same time, and we see it in volume. So if you want to insure performance, at the manifold, buy the Complete Batch Buster Manifold here, if you want to DIY your manifold buy the single units on this page, but take heed to the ‘Y’ in DIY. I get it, some guys are veterans and excellent at plumbing and I think the a la carte option is a good option for them, but just know, you’re completely on your own if you DIY.

We are excited to announce the worlds first ‘purpose made’

Softwash Metering Valve.

Easy to read interface is “Made To The Math” of the Softwash industry

If you grow your equipment overtime, the flow demand on your pumping system will grow. Good news! Your manifold can now grow with you, saving you tons of money over the lifetime of use. All batch-buster valves are a 1″ body for optimal liquid flow, each valve will ship with both 1/2″ and 1″ coupler kits.

This is truly a lifetime modular valve system, capable of supporting a wide variety of softwash pumping systems.


Tested to over 100,000 gallons of continuous flow with 12.5% sodium hypochlorite.

Basic Dude Sh*t Reminder:Remember you must use tapered NPT fittings with this valve in your build, and banjo makes a few good options. If your fittings are MIP straight threaded then you will experience air-leaks because you purchased the wrong fittings. One way to know if your fittings are correct is how fast they get tight. Correct tapered NPT fittings will get tight very quickly (about 2 turns) and you will not be able to “bottom out” the fitting on the coupler.

Batch Buster Proportioner Valve Features:

  • ✅ THE FIRST AND ONLY: Proprietary metering valve specifically created by Southeast Softwash for metering the corrosive chemicals used in professional soft-washing.
  • ✅ HIGHEST FLOW: Pump starvation is the first cause of pump death. The Batch Buster metering valve is the highest flow in its class, outperforming all other valves giving your soft wash pump the flow it needs to keep running long and strong.
  • ✅ DYNAMIC: Use with gas soft wash systems, booster pumps, air diaphragm, or 12v & 24v soft wash systems. The Batch Buster metering valve doesn’t discriminate its flow..
  • ✅ MODULAR: Comes with 1″ and 1/2″ couplers for any soft wash pump configuration imaginable.
  • ✅ EASY READ DIAL: Technicians require ease of use and clarity. If a 3% bleach mix for a roof cleaning, simply turn the knob to ‘3’ on the dial. Easy.

Your pumps are starving for it!

-AS OF 12/25/2022, WE NOW HAVE THE SUPER V BALL (Blue Ball) AS AN AVAILABLE OPTION. 40% MORE FLOW MEANS FURTHER REACH AND LESS WEAR & TEAR ON YOUR PUMP. IF YOU ARE RUNNING A HIGHER FLOW SYSTEM, YOU’LL WANT THE SUPER BALL VERSION. We recommend setting up both water and bleach lines with the Batch Buster, in order to maintain accurate ratios.

Select “super ball” at checkout and the SESW team will

SUPE-UP your valve before we ship it out.

Running the old generic restricted valves on your current system? Not a problem, buy 2x Batch Buster Soft Wash Metering valves for your bleach and water line, add your tapered NPT fittings, tru-blu them sealed and you’re good to go.

Full Flow is a problem no mo! 

Weight2 lbs

Standard Ball, Super Ball


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