Ox-Knox Brushless Oxidation Remover


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Ox-Knox Brushless Oxidation Remover.  Attention! Prepare to encounter the powerful force that is Ox-Knox! – an advanced chemical solution not meant for novice users.

Ox Knox is specifically designed for the purpose of effectively eliminating oxidation on various surfaces, including Vinyl, AlucoBond, Hardie Board Fiber Cement Siding and Metal Roofing as well as effectively removing soot and fallout. With Ox-Knox in your arsenal, prepare to obliterate oxidation like a true champion.

To ensure optimal results, comprehensive directions are clearly provided on the jug itself. Moreover, you have the flexibility to adjust the potency of the solution based on your specific requirements.


Calling all painting professionals! Ox-Knox Oxidation Remover stands as a reliable aid in your surface preparation endeavors. Its formidable capabilities enable the removal of powdery oxidation, granting you a pristine canvas primed for a flawless paint application.

However, it is essential to exercise caution and adhere to the following advisory: prolonged exposure or an excessively concentrated mixture of Ox-Knox may result in paint removal. Should you desire to preserve the existing paint, we advise carefully determining the appropriate ratio or alternatively refraining from using the product altogether.

Please be aware that any misuse of this product, including unintended paint removal or any other consequences, falls outside our responsibility. We emphasize the importance of responsible handling and understanding the inherent risks associated with the usage of Ox Knox.

Rest assured that Ox Knox is here to unleash your creative potential.

Wishing you successful endeavors as you harness the power of Ox Knox!

Click here for the Ox-Knox SDS: Ox-KnoxSDS 



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