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Introducing the Revolutionary, patent pending, SmartBlend PRO, from Southeast Softwash!

With up to a 325 foot range, this unit allows you to remote control your bleach and surfactant additive valves. The ability to adjust ratios remotely is a huge game changer and saves up to 2 miles of walking per work day. This is the only remote metering system of its kind on the market, don’t be fooled by imitation setups that are merely a ON/OFF. This is true metering capability at the touch of a button.

BatchBuster™ Valve Integration: The SmartBlend comes pre-equipped with the industry-leading BatchBuster™ metering valves, known for their reliability and precision. This integration ensures seamless and accurate control over chemical flow, enhancing the performance of your soft-wash system.

Time = money! And the SmartBlend PRO is the only way to go for the professional exterior cleaning company.

Technical specs: The Smart Blend Pro is a 2.4GHz RF system that has a programmed logic board to achieve desired ratios for both your bleach and surfactant lines.

The SmartBlend technology is compatible with any soft-wash system, this version is built for a 5-7 gpm capacity.

If you are running a 12volt, air diaphragm, or booster pump etc that is in the 5-7gpm range, this will work with your setup. If you are utilizing a system with a higher flow (example 24volt, gas powered etc) you will need a high flow SmartBlend, go check out that page of the site for availability. We do not take orders on these. If we have them available, it will show in stock.

Units run off of a 12 V supply, hook it up to power, attach your plumbing and you are ready to start blending!

Weight28 lbs
Standard 5-7 GPM

Standard 5-7 GPM

High Flow 10-16 GPM

High Flow 10-16 GPM


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